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    21 Apr, 2022
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      Customer types + Customer Card fields introduction(person/company)

      The "Customers" module is designed to manage and filter the customer register. It is possible to register both private and companies as customers. When creating a new customer, it is necessary to enter the customer data on the customer card. The data that can be marked on the card depends on the type of customer. General information such as customer ID, invoicing channels, contact information, customer preferences, etc. are the same for both.

      In addition, the registry code, VAT number and type of business can be entered in the company data. In the case of a private customer, details of title, gender, national ID, business title, date of birth and social media accounts. An individual can also be linked to a company.

       Due to  the General Data Protection Regulation, the data of a private customer is not reflected in the reports where the customer is identified.