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    27 Dec, 2022
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    How To Use Erply Self-service POS?

    Benefits of Erply Self-service POS

    Self-service points of sale are becoming more and more common in the 2020s. They are incredibly useful if you want your customers to access information or services without directly interacting with a cashier.*
    Using Erply's self-service POS can allow your business to scale operations more quickly and efficiently while reducing costs at the same time.

    For information on hardware setup, check out our self-service POS hardware article.

    Logging Into Self-service POS

    Logging is the same as logging to any other Erply applications. You need to fill out client code, username and password. The self-service POS has a built-in keyboard, so no need to connect nor use a physical keyboard.

    Once you have signed in, you need to select the register. We recommend having an extra register for self service POS. When adding a new register (Back Office - Retail Chain - Registers), you should select the type as “Self-service point of sale”.

    If this is your first login to a POS during the day, you need to open the day in order to start using self-service POS. 
    Add the amount or leave it zero in the counted field of the Day Opening window (depending if you have a cash drawer for this register or not) and click on the green Confirm button on the right corner.

    How Can Clients Use Erply Self-service POS?

    Customer needs to touch the screen in order to get started. If needed, they can switch the language by clicking on the upper left corner.

    Customers can either scan products, use the quick select buttons or search products by code in order to add those to the basket. 
    When all needed products are added, then it is time to move to the payment. 

    All quick selection buttons will appear on the right side. Later we will check how to add quick selections and see how they will appear.

    When you click on the PAYMENT button, the first step will be identifying the customer. 
    If this is not needed, customers can click I don't have an ID card and select their payment method.

    The list of payment methods depends on the self-service POS settings. If the only allowed payment method is CARD, then only the CARD button appears.
    If the payment has been successful, the receipt window will open. 

    When selecting CASH, the cashier has to come, log into the system, take the money and give change. There is no built-in cash drawer support, at the moment.

    Customers can select if they would like to print the receipt, send it to an email or do not need one.
    If a customer leaves the store without clicking on any button on the Self-Service POS, then the countdown will go to 0 and automatically go back to the POS home screen. 


    In order to customize and change the default setting the user has to log in by using PIN. 
    Note: PIN can be added in the back office in Settings -> Users -> Open a specific user -> Add PIN

    You can open the settings and log in from the upper right corner.
    Select the user and enter the PIN. The settings list will open and the user can select whatever (s)he needs to configure. 

    The list of settings in Administration Menu:

    • Add an item - you can add a new item to your Erply account
    • Save sale - you can save a current sale to Back Office (you will be able to see unconfirmed document in BO)
    • Cash in/out - you can add or remove cash from the POS balance
    • Return mode - you can make a sale return from the self-service POS
    • Recent sales - you can check and print out the recent sales
    • Open cash drawer - you can open the connected cash drawer
    • Edit quick select products - adding and removing self-service quick selection buttons
    • Edit UI - you can customize the basic interface 
    • Sign off - you can close the POS
    • X-report - you can create and print the POS X - report
    • Close SCO - you can Close the day and the Self-Service POS

    How to change the Quick Selection Buttons?

    You need to open and log in to the administrator menu  (check the screenshot below)  and click on “Edit quick select products”.

    Now you can add products one by one via the button Add an item. You can remove an item by clicking on blue X. If the changes are done make sure to save by clicking on  Edit done.

    How can I change the UI?

    You can do some basic customization through the administrator menu by clicking Edit UI.

    You can change the color of the header, add your own screen saver text and an image. There you can also change the font size, select the payment methods and if the “Shopping bag” button should appear on the lower part of the POS screen, and which product is connected to this button. 

    Make sure to Save your new settings.