Change Prices at the POS

Changing an item’s price at the POS requires proper user rights and permissions.
Note: You can manage user rights in the back office Settings -> User Groups page.

Changing the Price for a Specific Sale

Click the item in the cart that you wish to change the price for. This will open that item’s product card.
Click the Edit icon at the top of the product card.
Change the unit price on the product card and select Save.

Making a Permanent Price Change 

Click on the Edit icon at the top bar of the POS.  
This will cause edit icons to appear on the bottom right of all quick select keys.
Click on an edit icon to open the product card.
Note: If you need to edit an item’s price that isn’t a quick select button on the main POS screen, click into that item’s product group before clicking the edit button. 

Change the item’s price, click Save, then click Done.
This item’s price will now be changed at the POS and in the back office.