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    11 Apr, 2022
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      Product types

      In Erply we have following product types: 

      • Product(Regular product): A regular product is the most common product that has stock and that we can sell.
      • Matrix product: Matrix products can be used for selling products with different sizes. For example footwear, clothing items etc.
      • Budle product: In Erply you can combine products that you want to sell together as one. When you create a bundle Erply will pull the products included in the recipe out of inventory every time the bundle is sold.
      • Assembly product: Assembled products can be used to sell products that you have made, assembled, or bundled together into a secondary product. The components of assembled products may or may not be sold separately.
      • Service or Non-stock product: The special feature of this product is the lack of stock and warehouse price

      If we are dealing with an active product, ie. it is on one of the warehouse documents, we must not change the product type. For example, if we have a regular product, but we want to turn it into a matrix product, then it is correct to archive the regular product and create a new product of the desired type.

      When creating a new product, it is mandatory to assign a code * and a product group to the product being created, regardless of the product type. Other information is optional. However, we recommend that you also include the EAN code when using the name and barcodes. If you want to filter the reports based on certain criteria, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the filtering options in the Reports module, such as supplier and brand, which allow us to narrow down the information displayed in the reports.

      The system allows you to create products at a price of 0. In such cases, we can set the desired sales price for the product at the time of sale.

      * we can add the product code either ourselves or let the system generate it automatically (in the latter case, the text in the cell is "automatic", which must remain in this form; the system adds the product code at the moment of saving the product). The automatic code generation setting is active by default on new accounts; if necessary, you can activate it in SettingsConfiguration. The same functionality is available for generating EAN codes.

      Products can also be imported into the system. The tutorial is here.