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    11 May, 2022
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      Tuotteen suodattimet

      Products can be sorted and organized based on the information that was set up in the Product Cards. Filters are a great way to view similar products at a glance and compare information.


      Product codeSearch for product(s) by their code.
      Product GroupSort product(s) by their Product Group.
      BrandSort product(s) by their associated brand.
      CategorySort product(s) by their Product Category.
      TypeSort product(s) by their product type. (Matrix, Assembly, Bundle, or Product)
      StatusSort product(s) by their status. (Active, Archived, All, etc.)
      NameSearch for product(s) by their name.
      SupplierSort product(s) by their associated supplier.
      Priority GroupSort product(s) by their associated Priority Group.
      All productsSort product(s) by if they are sold on the webshop, only in store, or both.
      Matrix variationsShow or hide matrix variations in the mass list of products.
      ProductsShow all products, non-stock products only, or only items that can hold stock.