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    7 Feb, 2022
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      Add a new payment

      It is possible to add a new payment in the back office when navigating to Sales > Payments > New. All the mandatory fields are marked in red.

      After adding a customer, the invoice field will be populated with a list of sales documents related to the customer. When opening a drop-down menu, it is possible to choose a correct document and link it with the payment.

      Additonally, a user can choose a currency and edit the exchange rate if needed.
      *Please note that by default Erply is pre-selecting the main currency set on your Erply account. You can check the main currency on the Settings > Configuration page.

      Choose the payment type from the existing list and if any new payment types are needed, please navigate to Settings > All Settings > Payment types page and enter any new payment types.
      In case of a card payment, additional details can be captured on the card number, card type, cardholder, approval code and reference number fields.

      *Please note when using integrated card payments in POS, Erply is automatically populating card payment details.