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    9 Feb, 2022
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    Importing a price list

    You can either add a new price list with import or edit an existing one. When importing, the price list has to be created in advance in Erply by going under Retail and then Price lists. The price list...

    Product types

    There are five product types in Erply: Product (Regular product): A regular product is the most common product that has stock and that we can sell.Matrix product: Matrix products can be used for selli...

    Importing products

    The new product importer allows you to add and update products and matrix products.In order to import products to the Erply system, you must first format the data for the system to be correct and save...

    Price List

    This guide covers:Creating a new price list- Individual products- Product groups- BrandsAssociating a price list- Location-based- Customer group- Specific customer- Specific time rangePlease note! Pri...

    Adding a Product

    This guide covers how to add a product in the Erply back office and POS, as well as a description of each product field.Adding a product in the back officeTo access the Product Catalog, go to the PIM ...

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