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    29 Jun, 2022
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    There are multiple ways for configuring a receipt in Brazil POS:
    a) Erply back office configuration settings page (Back office > Settings > Configuration)
    b) Brazil POS configuration settings page (POS > Settings > Configuration)
    c) Brazil POS patch script template editor (POS > Settings > Debug)

    When to use which tool is mainly dependent on the requirements for the POS receipts in your company. If you only need to add a logo, edit a footer message and a few other fields, the back office and POS configuration page should give you the answers. However, if highly customised receipt template is needed, a user must look into customising the receipts with Brazil POS schema editor.

    Configuring Receipts in the Back Office

    In order to configure Brazil POS receipts through the back office configuration settings, please log into the back office and open Settings > Configuration menu:

    On the configuration page, it is possible to add a logo for your Brazil POS receipts. The logo is taken from the "Company logo on invoices" field:

    If a customised message is required for the receipt footer, please navigate to Settings > Configuration > Receipt printouts section and enter the customised message:

    It is possible to enable a product code to be printed on the POS receipt. In that case, please select the required code from the dropwdown menu below:

    In that case you would also need to enable this setting from the POS side. In order to do so, please navigate to POS > Settings > Configuation > Receipt:

    If both settings are enabled, the product code is printed on the receipt as below:

    It is possible to choose how the employee name gets displayed on the POS receipt and this can be done in the back office by selecting the required option from the dropdown menu below:

    There are more receipt configuration settings available in the back office that will be implemented in the Brazil POS in the near future. Keep an eye on our release notes and stay updated.

    *If a user wants to show total discount on the receipt, this setting needs to be enabled from the POS side. The back office configuration setting regarding total discount doesn't affect the Brazil POS receipt.
    **If a user doesn't want to print a receipt number as a barcode, barcode needs to be removed from the schema editor. The back office configuration setting regarding printing receipt number as a barcode doesn't affect the Brazil POS receipt.


    Configuring Receipts at POS

    There are multiple configuration settings available in POS for customising the POS receipt. Please navigate to POS Settings > Configuration > Receipt

    Adding new elements on the POS receipts

    There are several configuration settings that allow adding new features on the POS receipt (notes for line items, print attemps, total discount, etc). Let's explore these options below.

    In order to print notes for the line items, please enable the following setting "show product notes on POS receipt". After saving this setting, you can see the notes field on the product card. You can see the product card when you press on the yellow % button shown on the screenshot below.
    Just enter the required message and hit the "save" button on the screen. 

    The notes are printed on a separate line under the product description.

    If you require tracking the printout numbers, please enable "show print attempt number on receipt". The print attemps are printed as below:

    Enable showing cash change and total discount in order to get these printed on the POS receipt:

    For adding product codes after the product description, please enable "show product code based on BO parameter" and select the required code from the back office > Settings > Configuration page. This is also described in the first section of this article.

    In Erply, it is possible to print discount percentages on each and every invoice line where the discount has been applied. In case of editing the initial product price and increasing the price, it is possible to hide negative discounts (price increases). In that case, please toggle on the following setting "Hide negative discounts".

    When printing a receipt, a user can choose if the printout should include the tax rate or the name of the tax rate. For instance, you can print either 10% or GST on your receipt. Please toggle on/off the followinf configuration setting "Show tax rate instead of name".


    Sales confirmation window settings

    After finishing a transaction, the sales confirmation window opens up, and it is possible to choose whether you want to show the document number on that screen or not. If you do, please enable "show invoice number on confirmation":

    If you would also like to show the change on that screen, please enable "show change on confirmation":

    There is a configuration setting for auto-closing sales confirmation window after printing a receipt. In that case, after pressing a "print" button, the sales confirmation window is closed and a new sale sreen is opened automatically. In order to use this feature, please enable "Close confirmation after print".

    Patch Script Template Editor

    To create fully customised POS receipts, please open the "PatchScript templates for printing" in Brazil POS.
    *Please note that in order to edit the POS receipt via patch script editor, please use the desktop device. Mobile devices are not supporting this feature. However, you can successfully use the customised templates in mobile devices once they have been created in the patch script editor in a desktop device.

    Currently, it is possible to edit sales receipt and gift receipt. You can switch between the templates by selecting either a "salesRceipt" or "giftReceipt" tab.

    If you haven't made any changes to the default template, you would see the default schema loaded on the screen. Please note that when you configure POS receipt via POS and/or back office configuration settings, that affects the default template, and once you have used the patch script templates, the configuration settings won't be applied on the receipt. In that case, it is still possible to apply changes, but these need to be done through the schema editor.

    If you select "Open schema editor", you can start editing the POS receipt. All the changes can be seen on the template at the time of editing.

    Schema editor consists of blocks of data fields, and it's possible to add text, image, barcode and table fields. In order to do so, please scroll to the very bottom of the schema editor and choose "Add New".

    It is possible to move the order of the data fields. Please use the arrows on the top left corner of each data field. In order to delete the data filed, please select X.
    When using the text field, it's possible to change the text alignment and font size.

    See below how to edit data fields:

    After making any changes to the schema, a "save" button appears under the patch script templates section. Please save all the required changes before you close the debug menu.

    Instead of editing the receipt with the schema editor, it's possible to copy schema to clipboard and make changes in the text editor.

    After making relevant changes, you can select "load schema from clipboard" and update the POS receipt.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to set up an email address(es) that receives copies of all POS receipts?
    Yes, this can be done in the POS Settings > Configuration > Receipt page. At the bottom of the section you can list the relevant email addresses that are meant to have a copy.
    Please note that one address needs to be entered per line.