Brazil POS Installer Update 2/13/22

July 24, 2023

Brazil POS Installer update


1. Ensure that ErplyInstaller service is running (can be found in windows services)

2. Download updater USE CORRECT VERSION (For win64 - 64bit; for win32 - 32bit)

a. (for 64bit windows) 
b. (for 32bit windows)

3. Execute the file (admin rights not needed, but old logs will be backed-up in case "run as admin" execution, config will be backed-up in any case)

4. (Optional) Check the log file that should appear after execution for the update process.

Mac and Linux:

1. Update the installer by pasting following address to address bar:

Accept warnings about certificates.

2. Wait for the update to complete, conformation message should appeare:
{"httpCode":200,"dateTime":"20220213215216","status":"OK","message":"installer was updated successfully"}

3.  Clear browser cache.

4. Restart browser

5. Update services

Go to Erply Wizard and log in with your Erply credentials.
Go to Installation App -> Installation and make sure the Installer App is installed and detected running
Go to Micro-service Manager. Under Update existing micro-service and select the service to update. You need to do this for all services.
Press Update to latest button and wait for the service to update