Cayan File Update For 3/31/22

29. märts 2022

Steps to Update Software on a Genius Handheld Device

These instructions are a REQUIRED ACTION from Global Payments for Genius Handheld Devices for iOS. The deadline for this is 3/31/22. If someone is having an issue with one of these devices on or after this date, please try these steps to resolve.

1. Assuming the device has already been linked to the network, please reboot (power off, power on) the device by holding the power button at the top of the device for a few seconds 

2. Once the device boots up, click “Cayan Files application” on the home screen 

3. The Cayan Files application should automatically prompt another download. Click “OK” 

a. If the unit does not automatically prompt to download, click the three dots 

b. Click “Update Repros” 

c. If an update is available, tap “Update” and then tap “Install” 

4. The device will display a progress bar going across the screen 

5. After the progress bar is complete, the device will advise that you reboot the unit. Click “OK” 

6. The device will be ready to use.