Performance Issues: Troubleshooting

21. juuli 2022

Erply's back office and Operations teams take system performance seriously. If you are experiencing slowness issues in Erply's applications, we are happy to investigate.

Below is a list of questions that helps us identify the root cause of a problem. Whenever possible, please include this information in your support ticket, and we can resolve it in a much shorter time. 

Often, a slowness issue is localized to one account, is dependent on data, is caused by plugins or an incorrect account configuration. It happens very rarely that there is a performance degradation across the whole datacenter — and we have procedures and alerts in place to handle these problems. In most cases, however, we will have to inspect the specifics of your Erply account to locate the source of the slowness.

Therefore, here is what we typically need to know:

1. What is Slow?

Where are you experiencing slowness:

  1. In which application?
  2. On which screen?
  3. On which document or report?


  • Opening the “Pending Sales” screen in Brazil POS
  • Opening invoice 100123 in Classic Back office
  • Inventory Report, “Products In Stock” for all locations, 31 Dec 2021

It might very well be the case that EVERYTHING is slow — but even then, picking a specific example will help us a lot.

2. How Slow?

How long does that procedure take for you (in seconds)? This will let us compare your slowness report to Erply's server logs.

If possible, please make a screen recording, preferably with the browser console opened on the “Network” tab. In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, press the F12 key to open the console; then select “Network”.

3. Is It Slow From One Location Only?

A support agent can verify if they can also see the same slowness, on the same screen. Erply's applications depend on the quality of your internet connection.

Problems with network can manifest in low speed (data is transferred at a low rate), packet loss (some of the data gets lost on the network, and retransmitting it takes extra time) or latency (the roundtrip between your computer and the server takes a long time). is a useful tool for testing your connection quality. Erply requires a minimum 10 Mbps connection speed for both download and upload. (Note however that this tool measures the quality of the connection from your computer to SpeedTest's server — and not to Erply's server).