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16. jaanuar 2024

Here are some steps to help cashiers get started with Erply POS:

Login and Open the day

  1. Log into the Erply POS app using your username and password.
  2. Once logged in, you have to open the day.
  3. Once the day is opened successfully, you will see the main menu screen. From here, you can start processing sales transactions.

(More information regarding the day opening is available here).

Clock in/out

By using the "Clock in/out" module, employees can clock in and out from POS to register their work hours and to keep a track on their hours worked.

If logged into POS:

Click on the “Clock In/Out” function button, which opens a new form. 

To clock in an employee, then add the employee from the “Employee” list and the employee’s PIN or password. Click on the “Clock in” button. If the “clock in” is successful, then the employee is added to the “Clocked in employees” list.

To clock out an employee, then choose the employee from the “Clocked in employees” list by clicking on that customer name. Add the employee’s PIN or password and click on the “Clock out” button. If the “clock out” is successful, then the employee is removed from the “Clocked in employees” list. 

(More information regarding the clock in/out is available here).

Process a sale

  1. Select the products or items that the customer wants to purchase by scanning the barcode or searching for the product using the search bar.
  2. After selecting the items, you can adjust the quantities or add any discounts, if applicable.
  3. Once all items have been added, click Pay and select the payment method the customer is using, such as cash , credit card, or gift card, etc.
  4. Process the payment and provide the customer with a receipt.

The created sales document is displayed under the Recent Sales.

Process a return

  1. Select the “Return” option from the main menu screen and enter the invoice number or scan the receipt, then select the items the customer wants to return or exchange.
  2. In case of return without a receipt: 
    1. Add a product into shopping cart;
    2. Set product quantity to negative;
    3. Press Pay and finalize the return.

The created credit invoice (from the return) is displayed under the Recent Sales.

(More information regarding the return is available here).

Stock and price lookup

To get more specific information about a product, then it’s possible to get from the “Stock and price lookup” module. The module shows stock in each location, where the user has the access to. Also product name; code; EAN; price; group and category.
There are 4 ways for opening the stock and price lookup form:

  • From the “Stock and Price” POS function button - click on it and start searching for a product. When clicking on a product, then stock and price lookup form opens.
  • From the shopping cart - click on the product in the shopping cart and the product card opens. The stock and price information is displayed in the end of the product information.
  • From the product search  - search for a product in the product list. Click on the “magnifier” button on that row. 

Close the day

Pressing the Close day button will start the day closing process by popping open the cash drawer. The cashier has to count the cash in the drawer and enter amounts into the close day modal.

  1. Enter the counted amount in the drawer into the “counted” field. The “cash difference” will show you if you have any difference in cash “expected” and “counted” amounts.
  2. Press “tenders” to check the amounts of other payment tenders. 
  3. If everything matches, press the “End of the Day” to finalize with day closing.

After you close the day, Erply will generate an X-report. You will be able to download it, if needed.

(More information regarding closing the day is available here)

POS troubleshooting

What to do if the POS has not loaded correctly?

What happens with the POS if the internet connection is lost?
Once the internet connection is lost the POS will switch automatically to the Offline mode. The Offline mode allows you to continue  store operations without interruption. If you are in the login screen the POS will show you a yellow notification “Network is unreachable, check your Internet connection”. If you have been logged in and the network is down the POS network indicator in the POS menu bart will be the following:

Available POS actions/operations while offline:

  • Open Day
  • Product Search
  • Adding Products to make a sale
  • Cash payments
  • Return without receipt
  • Non-integrated credit card payments
  • Save sale
  • Save as order
  • Recent sales made while offline
  • Print recent receipt made while offline
  • Print last receipt made while offline
  • Open cash drawer
  • Price adjustment
  • Exempt tax
  • Internal and External notes
  • Print a receipt
  • Assign a sale commission

All questions that are related to the special company workflows please contact your manager or administrator.