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    14 Feb, 2023
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    Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    What is Erply’s Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

    WMS is an all-in-one tool to manage your warehouse that can be accessed from virtually any device. Rapidly fulfill orders, inventory transfers, and other sales documents to improve warehouse operations and scale your business.

    Access Erply WMS

    Benefits of Erply WMS

    Boost warehouse productivity
    Smart warehouse tools enable employees to quickly fulfill orders and maintain accurate, updated inventory counts. The WMS app will automatically notify you of missing items or when any incorrect products are scanned. Erply stores all records on a local server so your warehouse can run smoothly even during a network outage.

    Advanced warehouse management features
    Seamlessly integrate the WMS into your warehouse workflow to maximize efficiency. WMS includes partial order tracking and fulfillment, delivery date planning, bins for sub-warehouse inventory management, and rapid scanning that can detect inventory as far as 12 shelves high.

    Accessible from any device
    WMS is a browser-based app is compatible with any device that can handle a scanner, including mobile devices. The app’s cross-device compatibility means you can manage your warehouses without needing to purchase new hardware.

    Getting started with Erply WMS

    1.1 WMS can be accessed from the following link, no installation required:

    Log into the WMS app with your usual Erply credentials.
    1.2. Log into the WMS app and select which warehouse you’ll be handling stock from.
    1.3. Choose if you’ll be scanning items for receipt or for delivery.

    Products In: Select if you are receiving products. This will allow you to choose between handling purchase orders or product transfers.
    Products Out: Select if you are sending items to a new location. This will allow you to choose between issuing purchase orders or inventory transfers.

    Note: You will need document numbers handy for both options.

    How to find a document number

    Document numbers for orders, invoices, and more can be found in the Erply back office.
    Erply will automatically generate a unique document number for all new orders, invoices, or inventory transfers created. Reports can be pulled in the back office to quickly collect all documents numbers for WMS use.

    Terms to know

    Purchase order: A document you create that will serve as a request for goods sent to your supplier.
    Purchase invoice: A document provided by your supplier used to receive the goods that you placed a purchase order for.
    Sales order: A sales document that you use to record what your customers purchase from you.
    Inventory transfer: An operation that allows you to move stock from one location to another at the same price it was purchased for.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a scanner for the WMS to work?
    No. Items can be entered into the WMS app manually or with a third-party keyboard app that has a scanner. 

    Does WMS keep track of over-received items?
    No, but WMS will sound an error message when you scan a product that you did not order. Those products will show in red for easy identification. 

    Can I access WMS from Erply?
    No. WMS is a standalone app that can be accessed at the following link:
    If your business can take on dev projects, WMS can be integrated to your Erply account using Javascript.

    What codes can I use to scan products?
    You can use EAN or Product Code. Choose which code to use in the WMS settings.