16. syyskuuta 2022

Whether you’re the head of a small fashion boutique in New York or a huge retail conglomerate in Vancouver, a data leak is probably your worst nightmare. Criminals hacking into your system and threatening to delete your data unless you pay a ransom is equally daunting. Let’s not even get started with disloyal employees who abuse your trust.

It’s crucial to have reliable business software that helps reduce security risks, and you should definitely choose a software partner that actively manages these risks. Erply has put emphasis on security from day one. We’ve hired a data security specialist to make sure nothing slips by.

We hope to show you that we’re not just a software provider targeted at retail companies but a reliable partner that will help you securely build your business.

Erply’s security policy stands on three pillars:

  • Internal rules and procedures;
  • Requirements for our partners;
  • Requirements for the network and hardware.