Login app (login.erply.com)

27. maaliskuuta 2023

Configuring the list of applications in login app

To hide unwanted applications from this list, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > "Configuration Admin" in back office.
    1. Or use the URL https://conf-admin-ui.erply.com/?clientCode=<your-account-number> if your account does not have the new menu bar and “Configuration Admin” is not listed.
  2. Under “App configuration”, click “Add new configuration”
  3. Fill in the fields:
    1. Application: loginapp. Click “Add new” if this application does not appear in the dropdown.
    2. Level: Company
    3. Type: configurations
    4. Name: appConfiguration
    5. Value type: JSON
    6. Value: a list of application names that you want to see, quoted, comma-separated and surrounded by square brackets. Example: ["backoffice", "pointofsale"] Allowed application names are:
      1. backoffice
      2. pointofsale
      3. servicebooking
      4. retrycrm