Self-Implementation Checklist

20. lokakuuta 2023

Start here!

Open your ERPLY account; LINK
Minimum System Requirements; LINK

IF you are moving softwares

Customer Import; LINK
Supplier Import; LINK

Product Import

Product Importer; LINK
Data Mapping Fields In Importer; LINK
Import of Stock; LINK


Add & Edit Products; LINK 
Price Lists; LINK
Tax Rates (IF needed in your country); LINK


Add & Edit Customers; LINK


Locations; LINK
Registers; LINK

Sales Documents

Sales Documents; LINK
Add logo to documents; LINK

Purchase Documents

Purchase Documents; LINK

Inventory Documents

Inventory Documents; LINK
FIFO method (First in, first out); LINK
Physical Stocktaking; LINK


Add an employee; LINK
User groups; LINK

Point of Sale

Standard views; LINK
Sign in and out; LINK
Open and close the day; LINK
Switch cashier; LINK

Process Sale

  • Select the products or items that the customer wants to purchase by scanning the barcode or searching for the product using the search bar.
  • After selecting the items, you can adjust the quantities or add any discounts, if applicable.
  • Once all items have been added, click Pay and select the payment method the customer is using, such as cash , credit card, or gift card, etc.
  • Process the payment and provide the customer with a receipt.
  • The created sales document is displayed under the Recent Sales.

Stock and price lookup; LINK
Process return; LINK
Troubleshooting; LINK


Reporting; LINK
Creating your own reports; LINK


Change the default email content; LINK