Historic data import

3. syyskuuta 2021

What is a Historical Data Import

Historical Data Imports allow you to transfer data from your existing POS system into Erply.


The following data types can be imported from your old POS or ERP system to Erply:

Customer lists

Price lists

Historical Sales


Requirements: Must have T2 Support package.

Benefits of Historical Data Imports

Launch faster

Spend less time worrying about business data. Working with our support team to import existing business data means you can get up and running with Erply as quickly as possible. 


New system, same data

Importing your business data into Erply mean you won’t lose years worth of customers or sales data or maintain a separate database of business data. Historical data imports enable cohesive, accurate reporting. 


Easy data mapping

Erply’s import flexible import templates save you time during the import process. Data columns can be entered in any order, as long as they are mapped to their corresponding data tag.

Getting started with Erply’s Historical Data Import

Erply supports import files as a .csv and will provide you with a template to start your data import. 


1. Determine your data needs

Large quantities of data means a more complex data import. Determine if there’s any data that does not need to be imported into Erply to speed up the process. Erply typically transfers up to 7 years of historical data.


2. Communicate your data import needs with onboarding agent

Reach out to your onboarding agent to let them know what data needs to be imported from your existing system into Erply.


Have a sample of your data ready to share with your onboarding agent. We recommend providing an export of the previous year’s worth of data. Your onboarding agent will pass the data to our development team for evaluation.


After our development team determines the complexity of your import needs, our team will provide a delivery date and a quote, if applicable. 


3. Map your data

Your onboarding agent will provide you with an import template. Map your existing data to our template using a spreadsheet software like Excel.


Deliver the template to your onboarding agent once it’s completed.


Congrats on completing your historic data import! Your onboarding agent will let you know when the import is complete.

Terms to know

.csv: A simple file format used to store tabular data, such as a spreadsheet or a database. .csv files can be imported or exported into programs like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or OpenOffice Calc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far back can data be imported?

There is no cutoff for how far back historical data can be imported into Erply.


The exact amount of data, especially sales data, can vary by customer and is determined during the sales and onboarding process.


How do you determine how much sales history can be imported?

Our development team must review the complexity of your sales history before we can determine how many years of sales data it’s possible to import. 


How long does a historical sales import take?

Imports can take up to a few days, depending on how much data is being imported and how complex that data is.