QuickBooks Online Integration

1. maaliskuuta 2023

QuickBooks Online Integration Setup

In order to integrate your QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced account to Erply you must first reach out to our support represntatives who will activate the QuickBooks Online Integraiton plugin on your Erply account. You can reach our support by writing to support@erply.com

PS! Integration works with QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced versions

Once the integration plugin is added to your Erply account you need to perform the following steps:

Open Erply backoffice and navigate to: "Settings -> QuickBooks Integration" (see attached screenshot below)​

Click on "Connect to QuickBooks" (see attached screenshot below)

Log in to your QuickBooks Online account using your QuickBooks Online credentials

Select the company you wish to integrate with your Erply account (see screenshot below)

Grant permissions for the integration to communicate with QuickBooks Online


Once you have completed the authentication process you will be directed back to the Erply backoffice where you must set up your integration by adding account mappings, payment type mapping, tax mappings, configuring the data exchange intervals and also specifying the entities that will be kept in sync between Erply and QuickBooks Online

GL Accounts Mapping and global settings

In order for the integration to work correctly you must choose QB accounts for all the below fields:

  1. Asset account
  2. Expense account
  3. Income account for inventory items
  4. Income account for non-inventory items
  5. Purchase invoice account
  6. Expense type
  7. Default Erply location
    1. All quantities will be taken from the specified location
  8. SKU code value from Erply

Map together QuickBooks Online payment types and Erply payment types (see screenshot below)

Map together QuickBooks bank accounts to Erply payment types

Map together QuickBooks Online tax rates and Erply tax rates

Once you have completed specifying all accounts and mapped together all QuickBooks and Erply values you can define the data exchange interval as well as selecting the entities that you wish to keep in sync between Erply and QuickBooks Online. In order to do so, please navigate to "Entity Sync Settings"



You can also view all the integration logs from inside the integration management by navigating to "Event Log"

If you wish to disconnect the integration between Erply and QuickBooks online you must navigate to “App Settings” and click on “Disconnect QuickBooks”