Managing Ex-Employees

January 18, 2024

With employees who no longer work for you we recommend creating a new user group for them and changing passwords. Don’t delete an old employee, that way the documents the employee has created before still have a creator. Otherwise there will be blank spaces on where the employees name was before. Keep the employee with just no user rights to remain the history. 

Create new user group

Go to Settings -> User groups -> New, name the group “Ex Employees” and don’t give any rights to this group. Save the group and then assign the users who don’t work for you anymore to that group.

Password change

You can change the user password if you have rights to do it. When you go Settings -> Users -> Password change, you can click on the Change to write a new password for the employee so they wouldn’t be able to access the account anymore. 

User card

On user cards there's also some rights that we would recommend taking off. You can enter a user card going Settings -> Users -> Click on user, there take off all the User is authorized to: options and also the Locations. That way you can make sure the user won't be able to access anything on the account.