4. Synchronization From HQ

November 7, 2022

Here is one example of a “Synchronize From HQ” setup.

In this setup, the following items are kept in sync between HQ and store accounts. 

Changes made by HQ get copied to stores, typically every 5…10 minutes.




Stores can add their own products as well.

For individual fields (such as Price, Tax Rate, Status, Supplier, UPC), it is possible to specify that:

  • The field will be copied to store accounts only once, when the product is first created.
  • Or, the field will never be copied to store accounts.

After the product has been synced for the first time, the franchisee can edit these fields as they see fit; their changes will not be overwritten by updates from HQ. This setup is useful in case each store owner might want to set the field to a different value. 


Including supplier addresses.

Product groups

Product categories


Priority groups

Matrix dimensions

Stores can add their own product groups and categories as well.

Price lists

Stores can have their own price lists as well.

PromotionsStores can have their own promotions as well.
Supplier price listsStores can have their own supplier price lists as well.
User groups and permissions