What's the difference between Berlin and Classic back office?

April 27, 2022

The main difference lies in the appearance of the version.


We recommend the classic version for large companies and companies where the company's processes are more complex and may require additional functionality. Most of the more sophisticated additional features are for the Classic version, such as the serial number solution.

The Berlin version is immediately available in any newly created account by default. The Beriln version also has many account extras like Classic and can be suitable for large companies as well.

If you wish to change the version, please contact Erply Customer Support at support@erply.com.

Here are some differences between the two versions:


The Berlin version has more statuses than the Classic version.



The Berlin version has the option to add additional information to the invoice on the left. The Classic version immediately has additional information fields under the invoice name.






In the Berlin version, the payment needs to be added by pressing on the money sign

In Classic you can add a payment  by scrolling down the invoice and clicking on "add payment" or from the invoice on top more-> add payment