Self-service app

August 26, 2021

Introducing the Erply self-service app!

Erply self-checkout is a user-friendly POS that lets customers ring up their own orders. 

Free up your cashier staff and reduce lines at the register by introducing self-service kiosks.

For technical information on how to set up Erply self-service POS, check out our self-service guide or contact our team to learn more.

Speed up the checkout process

66% of shoppers prefer to ring up their own orders. 

Erply’s self-service POS keeps lines moving while also freeing up more employees to assist with customer requests. 

Just scan, pay, and go. 

Need a last-minute line buster? Erply allows you to swap freely between self-service mode and the regular POS. Separate POS logins allow you to track self-service sales separately

Lots of employees? No problem. Erply enables fast customer service by automatically narrowing down your employee list as you start to type in the employee’s name.

Make self-service your own

The self-service POS screen can be fully customized with HTML and CSS to promote your products with branded splash screens, images, videos, and more. 

Keep a sleek shop by letting customers ring up their order on an iPad, or opt for a fully-equipped self-service terminal.

POS functionalities you'll love

Erply self-service POS allows you to carry out the following basic POS functions:

Add an item

Save sale

Cash In/Out

Return items

Open recent sales

Enter voucher codes

Close the day

Print X-report

Contact our team for more information on self-service POS.