Berlin POS Migration to HTTPS: 1 March 2022

March 2, 2022

On March 1, 2022, Erply will make a configuration change in Berlin Point of Sale ( From that point on, the application will only be served over secure (HTTPS) connections.

Historically, it has been possible to use Berlin POS over an unsecure connection as well. After the change, loading the unsecure address ( will redirect to HTTPS.

This might have two possible effects:

1. If the account has been set up with any point of sale (POS) plugins with unsecure (HTTP) URLs, these plugins will no longer load.

Erply has reviewed all plugins on all accounts, and to the best of our knowledge, there are no such plugins in use any more.

But if there are any remaining cases that we have not detected, the recommended fix is to change the plugin's URL from “http” to “https” — to load the plugin over a secure connection as well.

Plugin URLs that begin with a protocol-agnostic prefix “//” (no “http” or “https” at all) are OK and do not require changes.

2. If any plugins reach out to unsecure endpoints on the web, these network calls will no longer work.

Generally, APIs on the web require secure connections, to ensure the integrity of the returned information. Unsecure endpoints should be rare.

If any issues appear, the fix is to review the source code of the plugin and change any instances of “http” to “https”.

Non-HTTPS endpoints in the local network (such as the endpoints of payment terminals and other devices) should still work.


Other point of sale (POS) applications — Brazil POS and Providence POS — are not affected. The change does not affect Erply back office.