POS Product Groups

August 3, 2023

Benefits of Product Groups

Quickly navigate complex inventory structures
Ringing up a product without a barcode? POS product groups give you a cleaner, easier way to sort through inventory and add items to a sale.  

Fast updates for stronger company transparency
Updating your inventory structure? Simply refresh the POS page and all product groups will follow their new arrangement, keeping all of your employees on the same page.

How To Use Product Groups

Once a product group is created and assigned, it appears in the Point of Sale QuickServe view as the top row of buttons.

Product Group buttons are a darker shade of blue than product buttons.

If there are more than six Product Groups, the sixth button will change to a "more" button. Click the “...” button to open all product groups.

Hide Product Groups

Here is the solution for you if you do not want to see all of the Product groups on the POS screen. In Erply the user is able to hide all product groups from the POS display, which were created in Back Office or POS.
In order to do that, please navigate to POS Settings -> Configuration -> User Interface -> Hide product groups.

There you can tick the checkbox related to the product group and this group will be hidden on the POS display.
The feature is available only in Brazil POS.

Sort Products in Product Group

In Brazil POS the user is able to configure sorting products in product groups on POS display. For that a setting was created, configuring how products can be sorted by:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Product ID (internal code which is not visible)
  • Price
  • Changed 
  • Added

Also a user can chose in which order products will be sorted:

  • asc (in ascending order)
  • desc (in descending order)

In order to sort products, please navigate to POS Settings -> Configuration -> User Interface -> Sort Products in Product Group by….

Example: products are sorted by “price” in “asc” order.