Logging In Using PIN

March 7, 2023

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In Brazil POS

In addition to a username and password, an employee can be set up with a PIN. A PIN must have a minimum length of six digits and can be set by a manager on the user card corresponding to the employee.  

A manager can create a PIN for an employee by navigating to Back Office -> Settings -> Users
Select the user you would like to add a PIN to and set it under User swipe card code or PIN. Don't forget to Save!

As a security limitation, any user must first log in to the POS with their username and password before being able to log in with a PIN.

Upon using a username and password to log into the POS, the user can then click the Switch User button, which will bring them to this screen:

Upon clicking the icon circled in red in the image above, any user will then be able to log in directly with their PIN.