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    6 Jan, 2023
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      Variable-Priced Products

      In the new product catalog module in back office (find it under the button "PIM (new)" or “PIM > New PIM > Manage Product Catalog”), products can be marked as having a variable price:

      Scanning the product in point of sale pops up a dialog, prompting for unit price. This is supported by both Berlin POS and Brazil POS:


      The product can have a default price on product card, but does not need to. Product card price can also be left at $0.

      This setting works best for one-of-a-kind items (eg. handicraft), for which it is impractical to register each one as a separate product. For those items, inventory will be tracked in bulk. For example, Erply will know that there are 15 pairs of earrings in stock, but will not distinguish the products further. 

      Alternatively, the items can be defined as non-stock products, in which case no inventory will be tracked at all.

      For faster checkout, the physical items can be marked with barcoded price tags. Brazil POS can be configured to read the price directly from the barcode. To set it up, please refer to Brazil POS settings. In Berlin POS, this feature is not supported.

      Note: if the entered unit price must still be discounted by promotions, your account needs the following configuration parameter applied:

      apply_promotions_to_zero_price_products = 1

      Without the parameter, promotional discounts would skip the item, assuming that the price must remain fixed.