POS Brazil Version 4.21.0

February 8, 2022

Offline locking (PBIB-1321)
When in offline mode, POS can be locked with a temporary pin so that it can be logged back into without requiring a network connection.
Due to the security implications this feature is locked behind the `touchpos_allow_offline_login` configuration parameter just like it was in Berlin
Custom discounts (PBIB-1328)
in the sale discount menu
G. fiscal integration (PBIB-1444)
It's a new integration
Default layby percent (PBIB-1731)
User can now configure "default layby percent" in the POS; waybill form has discount percentage prefilled
Customer display accept button (PBIB-1697)
Latest message from the customer display can be accepted/declined from the POS header.

Fuzzy search (PBIB-1777)
Fuzzy search was already not working due to the new architecture, but now the option is removed as well so it wouldn't mislead the user.
Cayan capture (PBIB-1750)
Feature is not currently used, and critical / dangerous issues were found - removed for safety until those can be fixed

Customers without a birthday no longer have their birthday shown as 30.11.1899 (PBIB-1765)
Grid buttons now have consistent capitalization (PBIB-1758)
In 'Close day' menu, fixed cash tender only reacting to total 'counted' field and ignoring tenders counted by denominations. (PBIB-1802)
Cayan integration now correctly saves card type on returns (PBIB-1739)
Users with insufficient rights to save payments can no longer create phantom sales (PBIB-1754)
MPOS configuration menu no longer clears after certain actions (PBIB-1766)