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    9 Feb, 2022
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      WooCommerce FAQ

      Why has the product not reached the webshop or its information has not been updated?
      Check if the „show in webshop” box on the product card is ticked and the status is „active”. If the product has not reached the required group, it is worth checking whether the „show in webshop” is also activated for a specific product group. If the assorment is selected as the integration sync type, check if the corresponding product is definitely present in the corresponding assortment. 

      For matrix products you need to check if you created the products correctly. How to check it? Open a matrix product that has not reached the webshop, and on the „matrix” tab you can see if the variations are related to the main product, including whether dimensions (for example color and size) have been applied to the variations. If products are not displayed under the matrix product, the product is probably „broken” or variations are not generated. The matrix variation product card must show the main product as well as the specific variation dimensions and its values. If the variations are broken, you must archive them and generate new variations.

      What to check, if the stock in the webshop has not been updated?
      1. Is stock sync enabled on selective sync (integration panel).
      2. Do product ID-s match (Erply product ID = Woo meta: productid).
      3. For matrix products check if the variations are created correctly (variation product card shows main product as well as dimension(s) and its/their values).
      4. Is the sync status „Done”? 

      Why have the prices reached the webshop without Tax?
      Tax must be set in WooCommerce. Erply sends them without tax.
      Open WooCommerce, go to Settings -> Tax.

      Why do my product pictures not reach to WooCommerce?
      The integration gets the pictures under module ,,PIctures" Pictures  in Erply CDN. If the pictures are added under „Product pictures” module in your account, they will not reach the webshop through our Woo integration. If you do not have this module, contact our customer support:
      If the above criteria is met, we recommend that you check on the integration panel under „selective sync” whether picture syncronization is turned on.

      Why are the price list prices not displayed in the webshop?
      Products must be under „Products with special prices” in price list. If you add discounts by product groups, it won`t reach to Woo integration. Price list must be added in integration panel. Depending whether these are regular or discounted prices, you must choose either „Price list for regular prices” and/or „Price list for sales prices”. Once the price list has been added to the panel and changes have been saved, the integration must be synced. Then the corresponding prices reach the webshop.

      Why is the integration status “On Hold”?
      One likely reason is changes done to the server. The manual provides detailed information on how to set up WooCommerce for the integration between Erply and Woo to work. Check the appropriate settings, and if necessary, perform a manual sync on the Erply side.

      Why are my orders not reaching Erply?
      Check the integration settings. Is the webshop URL correct and does not end with a “/”? Remove “/” if necessary. Are the webhooks created correctly in the WP admin panel?
      Is the integration status „Done”? If not, you should wait or start a new sync manually.
      Woo orders with the status „On hold”, „Processing” and „Complete” reach Erply.

      Why are new products in default product group in webshop?
      Check in your sync type is it excisting or clean setup. If the selected sync type is „existing setup”, the Erply product groups will not be created and all new products will be added to the Woo default group.
      Check if the product group sync is turned on in the integration panel under selective sync. If necessary, turn it on and save the changes.

      Why are products in draft status?
      Check if product ID-s match in Erply and WooCommerce (Erply product ID = Woo meta: productid). Is the product active in Erply and the „show in webshop” box is ticked? If necessary, change the product status and/or tick the webshop box.

      What to check if the integration status is „In progress”, but the products have not reached the webshop?
      1. Does the API key have a write permission in Woo (WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> REST API -> Check if read/write permission is given)?
      2. Is the URL added to Erply correct? You can check by clicking on the URL link -> does the correct page open?
      3. Have the necessary server-side changes been made? WooCommerce -> Status -> Server Environment -> check if the minimum values for PHP post max size and PHP time limit settings are given. Detailed information in the manual.

      How to link webshop transport to Erply product?
      You need to create a new product in Erply, a non-stock product with a 0 price, and check that the „show in webshop” box has been unticked. Then check the product ID (the fastest way to see the ID is to open the product card and look at the product URL). Add the corresponding ID to the „Shipping fee product” field in the integration panel. Save changes. From now on the product you created is linked to the webshop transport. Transport price is sent from webshop.

      For further questions/problems, please contact our customer support:
      Please specify in the request if and what you have checked yourself and add your Erply and webshop information.