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    23 May, 2022
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      Assembling bundle products in WMS

      The following applies only to bundle products and not to assembly products. Bundle products can be assembled only by Fulfillable Sales Orders. This feature does not have the ability to assemble by just entering the sales order number. 

      To assemble bundle products open WMS → Select correct warehouse → Products out → Sales order → Show fulfillable orders → pick filters or just click search → choose sales order you would like to handle. 


      If a sales order has bundle products on it, regular products are shown before bundle products. Bundle products are marked in a different color. 



      Clicking on the bundle product will open the product's recipe, where components quantities are multiplied by the quantity of the bundle. Scan only products that are in the recipe, do not scan the bundle product itself. 

       When scanning a component the quantity of the component is multiplied by the quantity of the bundle product and this amount is immediately scanned. This doesn’t apply to serial number products. In that case, the component is scanned one at a time by entering the serial number in a separate field. Components in the recipe can also be selected manually(without scanning). 



      A component cannot be scanned if the amount scanned exceeds the amount in the bundle. 

      In the scan view, there is a “Cancel assembly” button behind every bundle, which will reset the amounts of scanned components after accepting the warning. 

      Also there is a “Change amount” button behind every bundle, which changes the amount of the bundle and thus the amount of components to be scanned. 



      New amounts can be entered only if components are not scanned already or if user have canceled assembly.

      If the changed amount is less than the original amount, the difference between the quantities will be transferred to the follow-up order. 

      If the changed amount is more than the original amount, the difference will be checked and ensured that it is fulfillable. If the bundle is scanned, green text with “ASSEMBLED” appears. 

      You can only proceed if all the bundles are assembled. 

      Bundles and its components are not displayed in the “Change products with differences” view. 

      If the components include products with  serial number, the serial numbers will be displayed in the “Additional text printed on the invoice” field as <amount> x <code> SN: <serial number>