Product packaging material report

April 11, 2022

Erply has an extra module for clients that need to track their purchased and sold packages. This is a module that needs to be activated by Erply support. 

When the module is activated two extra reports appear to your Erply account. Reports-> ,,Packaging materials report” and under sale ,,Sold amounts of packaging materials”. Product card gets also few extra fields that allow it to specify amounts of packaging materials (kg per unit).

To see information about packages in ,,Packaging materials report”  products have to have the information about amount of packaging materials filled. Opening the ,,Packaging materials report” user can select if they want to see purchase or sale report. After selecting the report type the start date and end date are needed.


Another report can be found Reports->sale-> various->Sold amounts of packaging materials

User can see report about packaging material, type, weight and amount.