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    25 Jul, 2022
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      POS Brazil Version 4.48.2


      • When clicking on a payment in the payment screen and pressing "OK" when the payment's amount is 0.00, the payment gets correctly removed from the payments list. 100% by card and by cash no longer keeps the payment selected
      • Removed some redundant requests from W** plugin
      • "Hide stock data table" plugin updated to hide stock information in product search and "Stock & Price" menu.
      • W** - Fixed an issue with /memberships requests being sent with id value undefined
      • Fixed an issue where clicking on customer or product search result row did not select customer / add product to cart
      • Fix voiding of non-card payments
      • Deduplicated row total plugin
      • Paying a document of type "INVOICE" via "pay an invoice" menu now also shows sale confirmation window
      • Allow partial payments for INVOICE documents when paying for them via "Pay an invoice" functionality