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    25 Apr, 2022
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      Actual Reports templates

      In Settings → Configuration, there is a new block of drop-down fields to associate each document type with an appropriate default Actual Reports template:

      It is possible to leave the field empty or add some template.

      For example, when setting a template for invoices, the template is selected:

      1. Invoices list:
      2. Invoice form: 

      The described functionality works both in Classic back office and Berlin back office.

      If the template is chosen in Configuration, but user wants to print the document in some other template, it still can be done as before — just choosing the template from the list and printing in that template. It is not necessary to make any changes in Configuration.

      Before this change, Erply back office automatically selected the user's last used template. However, feedback has shown that 1) templates should rather be enforced companywide, instead of being per-user, and 2) different document types (eg. Sales Orders and Invoice-Waybills) need different templates.