Quantitive Price Lists

July 13, 2023


It is possible to enable an extra feature that allows to define several prices for a product in a price list: the more customer buys, the cheaper price they get.

This feature needs to be enabled by development.

When enabled, an extra “Amount” column appears on the price list, under “Products with special prices”.

This indicates the minimum quantity at which that price will apply. For an example, the price will be $35 if customer buys 1...9 pcs, and $30 if customer buys 10 or more pieces.

To clarify: if customer buys 10+ pieces, all items will be sold at the lower price, not just the ones from the tenth onwards.

There can be unlimited pricing tiers.

Note that usually it is not possible to add a product to price list more than once. When quantity price lists are enabled, the system will not limit that. When composing regular price lists (where you don’t want to set up any tiers) it might be necessary to check more carefully if a product is already in the price list, to prevent duplicate entries.

Quantity tiers can only be defined for product special prices. There is no tiered percentage discounting for product groups.

These prices work on back office sales document form (price is updated if you change quantity) and in POS.

Enabling quantity price lists will also enable them in supplier price list (if account has them -- this is another extra feature, but can be enabled from the configuration tool).