Tax Exemption in Brazil POS

September 15, 2023

The POS has an option to remove tax from a sale if products in the shopping cart are being taxed. 

Full Tax Exemption

Add taxed product(s) to the shopping cart and click on the Tax exempt button on the POS grid.

Enter the certificate ID to the input field.
Note: The ID number can consist of any values: alphabetical, numerical or symbols.

To apply full tax exemption, click on the Full tax exempt button.

Afterwards full tax exemption will be performed and the products will become tax free.

Partial Tax Exemption

Partial exemption is currently available only in the Canada region and for some US accounts.

This feature can only be configured on the Classic Back office.
Note: In case the account uses the Berlin Back office, the account can be converted from Berlin to Classic, configured, then converted back to Berlin for use.
Make sure that you have a US account. This feature works only for the US for now.

Under Settings -> Set up tax rates in the Berlin back office, you need to install the City, country, and state tax rates module, and do the following:

  1. Create an exemption tax rate (eg. State tax exemption 7%)
  2. Create a global tax (eg. Sales tax 10%)
  3. Add two components to this tax (eg. State Tax 7% and City tax 3%)

Once the needed configuration has been set up, the partial tax exemption can be performed in the POS:

Select products that would be partially tax exempted in the POS.

Click on the Tax exempt POS grid button.

Enter the certificate ID number and click on partial tax exempt.

As a result, the tax rate in the cart should be reduced by the rate specified in the tax rate exemption that was set up in the corresponding GST-exempt tax rate field in the Back office.

Clear Tax Exemption

It is possible to clear the applied tax exemption to have the product taxed again.

Click on Tax exempt -> Clear tax exemption.

Afterwards the previously applied tax exemption and certificate ID will be cleared and the product will become taxed again.