Why set up promotions?

May 2, 2022

Promotions cab be found under “Retail” module. 

Encourage repeat business 

90% of customers look for coupons when making online and offline purchases. Offering flat or percent-based discounts during holidays or seasonal changes can help attract business for new and returning customers alike. 

Example promotions: 

Buy X, get Y free

Holiday sale

Weekly specials

Birthday deal

BOGO; buy one get one half off

Grow your CRM

Customer data is a key tool for retailers trying to grow their business. Require that customers provide their name, email address, and other important data in order to be eligible for any promotions. They’ll benefit from discounts, and you’ll gain valuable marketing data.

Keep inventory moving

Accidentally order too many shipments of an item? Having trouble selling winter clothes as the season wraps up? Encourage customers to purchase items that they normally would not spend money on with strategically timed sales. Promotions can be limited to a date range or can last indefinitely.

Always secure

Erply makes it easy to prevent discount fraud. Require that promotions must be approved by a manager. If needed, you can pull a report of which employees activated promotions and what items were discounted to get a birds-eye view of employee promotion usage.

Reportable results

All promotions are trackable in Erply, so you can see exactly how much money was discounted during purchases. Promotion tracking can be done across all retail locations, by specific store, within a specific time frame,and much more.