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    21 Dec, 2021
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      Sale options



      Removes all products/discounts from the current sale to start over. Hotkey F4 will also do this.

      Use to save the total $ sales amount (customer, products, & quantities) in the shopping cart.

      Save the sale as an order. The order can be saved as no payment is added, or a smaller amount than total is paid for the order

      Create a layaway for all products displayed in the shopping cart, and take partial payment/deposit.

      Add a manual discount to the sale. The discount can be added as a percent or specific amount

      Remove tax from current sale and document tax-exempt certificate number

      Add a receipt note or internal note to the current sale.

      Reprints the receipt for the last transaction that was processed at the POS.

      Use to pop open the cash drawer (if applicable). Pressing this button notes as a 0 dollar open on the x-Report.

      Select and apply a predefined promotion or general coupon to the current sale.

      Apply a serialized coupon to discount the current sale (coupons are created from ERPLY back office and are usually tied to a specific sales promotion).

      Allows the cashier to print out a gift receipt for the current sale (gift receipts do not show prices and net sales total).

      Add shipping cost to the sale by adding customer’s ZIP code. The corresponding tax rate is then included to the sale.

      Save the sale as a waybill. No payment is added to the waybill, but directly saved. Saved waybills are shown in “Recent sales” list