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    9 Feb, 2022
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    Store regions

    This is installable as an extra moduleStore Regions module is used for grouping stores (locations) into regions.1. Regions moduleStore regions module can be found under Retail chainRegion has the foll...

    Uuden myymälän/varaston luonti

    Add new store locationsThis step will enable you to make locations that are accessible at the POS for sales. Navigate to the Retail chain module and select Locations.Erply will display a list of all l...

    What should I do with a location I no longer use?

    If you have created a location that you are no longer using then you can hide it form your view. Location not is useThere’s no way to delete a location/warehouse from Erply. That is because otherwise ...


    This guide explains how to:Configure locations in main company informationAdd a new locationChange existing locationAdd a registerConfiguring main company locationYou can view and edit your business’ ...

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