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    9 Feb, 2022
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    Import of Stock

    The import of stock quantities is ideal to use when you need to take into account many products at once. In order to import Erply system stock quantities, you must first arrange the data for the syste...

    Purchase document types

    The default purchase document types in Erply are as follows: Purchase Order - Order to Supplier. Purchase Invoice - The goods arrive at the warehouse on the basis of the purchase invoice. Purchase Ret...

    Supplier Import

    Benefits of importing suppliersUpload thousands of recordsMaintain accurate, up-to-date supplier records with minimum effort. Choose your import file, map your data with intuitive dropdown bars, and b...

    FIFO method (first in, first out)

    Erply uses FIFO accounting method to manage inventory and financial details related to product costs, wholesale prices and warehouse prices. FIFO stands for First-in, First-out. It means that older pr...

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