Berlin Back Office Version 5.29.0

October 14, 2021

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October 21, 2020

New Features

  1. "Customer Group" filter has been added to the "Invoices", "Orders" and "Quotes" modules.

  2. The page "Inventory > Physical stocktaking (mobile)" now contains links to new mobile stocktaking apps.

  3. Sales document field "Web Shop Order Number" has been added to the report generator. To find all sales documents that have a web shop order number, apply the following filter: "Web Shop Order Number" > 0.

  4. The "List of undelivered items" window for sales orders has a new button: "Clear undelivered items".

  5. When adding a matrix product to a price list, all its variations will now be added instead. The matrix product itself will not.

    (This behaviour is used only if the option "Each variation (color and size) is added to the price list as a separate item" has been selected in Settings > Configuration > Price Lists.)

  6. Setting "Creating an invoice / order from a sales order / quote preserves the "Notes" field" has been added to Settings > Configuration > Invoices and sales.

  7. This version is required for creating promotions with multiple discounted product groups, categories or brands.

    Such promotions cannot actually be created in the "Sales promotions" module — please use the new promotions module instead — but an upgrade to Classic back office 1.31 is still required for the promotions to work correctly.


  1. The "Save" or "Confirm" buttons have been updated; it is no longer possible to cause issues by clicking the buttons twice.

  2. Email dialogs will now produce an error message if generating an email attachment fails.