POS Brazil Version 4.09.0

February 9, 2022


  • Products and Groups created in the POS are saved to correct groups
  • Stock & Price Lookup and POS Product Card now show price list price, fi such exists, and if not they fall back to product cart price
  • "Close day" component renamed to "Close drawer" when using drawer cash count
  • Removed some extra slashes from triPOS requests which might fix the error
  • NaN no longer appears on scale input once product removed from scales


  • New 'Gift card to payment types' plugin - enables the user to create new payment type for every gift card type and map them together. When the user uses gift card type, the plugin changes the GIFTCARD payment type to the payment type from the plugin configuration. This allows the user to see the Giftcard total per type in Close day Tenders.
  • Credit Slip printout is added into the "after" hook in order to get custom receipt number.
  • p**Receipt US formatting also applied to fake taxes
  • p**Receipt gift card payment types taken from configuration
  • p**Receipt Debug area removed, now replaces original component with nothing


  • New setting "touchposShowAllRegisters" - if enabled, will not filter registers on register selection screen, if disabled, will filter out registers with type of ECOM (other types can be added if needed)
  • Serialized giftcard now has a button to generate a unique number, instead of auto-populating the input field on load
  • custom_prompt now also has autoFocus
  • Negative quantities can no longer be created/changed during an associated return
  • Discounts are now visible on return rows
  • Discounts calculated correctly when set from orderEditView using a non-tax account
  • On the Return screen, dropdowns for reason codes only appear when a row is selected, and the value is reset if the row is deselected
  • Cayan integration now has support to convert a transaction into Keyed Entry mode