PIM API Version 1.44.2

July 14, 2021

Oct 26, 2020


New Features

  1. Added create, delete Warehouse Locations endpoints,
  2. Added codes 5-8 to Products,
  3. Added management calls for Product Extra Fields (1-4),
  4. API has now limited default outputs. The take pagination parameter is now required, and the default value is 20 if the user has not specified it. The maximum value is 100 000.
  5. Added generateCodeAutomatically flag to create Products, Matrix Products, Matrix Variations & bulk versions of these operations.


  1. Un-deprecated GET /v1/product/deleted/ids,
  2. Parameter Values are now returned with the original type in the response, not strings all the time,
  3. Added Total Count to get Matrix Dimension Values,
  4. Added Total Count to get Suppliers,
  5. The "entityName" is now a required parameter to get the Attributes.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed freezes on update/delete Brands,
  2. Fixed filtering by name for Families and Product Parameters,
  3. Delete Assortments operation does not require any products to be linked to it,
  4. Fixed filtering of Suppliers and Matrix Dimension Values.