POS Brazil Version 4.10.0

October 14, 2021


  • Each tax is shown separately on the receipt
  • PatchScript footer changes:
    • If BO footer is set to "", patchscript footer value will be taken from translation file
    • Otherwise the footer value is coming from BO
  • New setting "hideNegativeDiscounts" - if Enabled will not show negative discounts (when increasing price of a product) on the receipt if Disabled will do the exact opposite of previous statement
  • PatchScript No longer shows 0% discounts (at the price of empty line)
  • Added new setting in Configurations - do not show price list as discount in shopping cart rows. When enabled, price list will be hidden from the discount information in shopping cart product rows.
  • Added new group of settings in Configuration menu - Shopping Cart. The following settings that used to be under General section are not in Shopping Cart:
    • disable rows grouping in document
    • group related products in shopping cart
    • remove related products when main product is removed
    • Force 'no product container' rule
    • do not show price list as a discount in shopping cart rows
  • Ability to print quotes and orders from POS


  • Updated CoreWorkflow plugin to detect and prevent the user from editing the amount on the returned core charge product to number whose absolute value is higher than its parent product amount


  • PCEFTpos refund fix
  • Card payment over/underchange saved faithfully, bypassing checks
  • Returned quantities tracked correctly even when same product appears multiple times on the sale (new API)
  • employeeID and employeeName are no longer passed from returned sale document to currentSaleDocument - this solves issue with an incorrect employee assigned to return sale document

Receipt adjustments

  • VAT percentage rounded to 1 decimal place if the decimal place is not 0. Otherwise round to 0 decimal places
  • Fallback languages adjustments. Fallback languages include the default ones in addition to the config


  • Removed useDumplogs hook
  • Added 'onUpdateOrderAmount' hook
  • Removed 'afterUpdateOrderAmount' hook in favour of 'onUpdateOrderAmount'
  • New property in shoppingCart reducer - "calculateOffline" - boolean (true - POS should calculate offline and ignore calculated values) When POS loses connection to API during shopping cart processing, it no longer uses the preciously calculated values, and uses its own calculations.