Berlin Back Office Version 5.31.0

October 14, 2021

November 16, 2020

New Features

  1. Tax rate archival. When a tax rate is no longer needed, it can be 'archived', to hide it from drop-down lists.

  2. A reorganized main menu. The new menu can be activated with configuration parameter "use_menu_component" = 1.

  3. Emails can now be sent via EMS (Erply's new emailing service). The feature can be activated with configuration parameter "use_ems_service" = 1.

  4. Berlin back office now supports configuration parameter "autogenerate_appliance_from_sold_product" = 1, similarly to Classic. When the configuration parameter is set, a new check box will appear on product form: "This product is an appliance".

    When a product (that has this field checked) is sold from the Sales > Invoices module, Erply will automatically create a new record into the "Appliances" / "Vehicles" registry.

  5. Berlin back office is now compatible with JSON extra data attached to purchase documents and purchase document rows. (Re-saving a purchase document will preserve the extra information.)

    See here to learn more about JSON API.

  6. New user group permission has been added: "Menu Structure Editor".

  7. Payment Reminder printouts now contain the reference number for each unpaid invoice.

  8. Product labels can now also be printed from the "Inventory" module, not only from "PIM".


  1. Tax rate IDs and names have been added to sales document Actual Reports printouts (field "vatTotalsByRate"). Thus, these names and IDs are now also available from API call getSalesDocumentActualReportsDataset.

  2. The "Price List" drop-down on invoice form no longer contains inactive price lists (price lists with the "Active" check box turned off).


  1. Fixed: a customer name containing an apostrophe was displayed incorrectly on invoice form.

  2. Fixed: "Unfulfilled Sales Orders" report incorrectly displayed orders which had already been fulfilled.

  3. Fixed: sometimes, product names did not appear on an invoice created from an assignment.