API Version 1.58.0

July 14, 2021

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December 8, 2020

New Features

  1. Promotions "Spend and Get $ Off Your Purchase" and "Spend And Get % Off Everything" now support product and product group restrictions.

    1. The "Spend" requirement can be defined as "Spend at least x dollars on specified products / product groups".
    2. The discount can be restricted as "get a percentage or sum off of specified products / product groups".

    Changes have been made in API calls getCampaigns, saveCampaign and calculateShoppingCart. There are no new input fields; input parameters "purchasedProductGroupIDs", "purchasedProducts" and "awardedProductGroupIDs" in API call saveCampaign are now just accepted for these two promotion types mentioned above.

  2. Configuration parameter "einvoice_return_sales_document_without_discount" has been added. When this flag is set to 1, the XML invoices retrieved from API call getEDocuments will not contain discount information (but row price will be the final discounted price).


  1. Fixed: when using invoice algorithm 4, the sales invoice row totals written to database were inaccurate. This may have affected Actual Reports printouts, for example.