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    9 Feb, 2022
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    POS Brazil Version 4.14.0


    • Matrix selection menu refactored - now works correctly with the setting to only allow variations that are in stock
    • ProductOrderEdit inputs now allow cursor key navigation again
    • ProductOrderEdit inputs no longer automatically bend to maxDiscount - instead exceeding maxDiscount will cause a manager override when the user tries to save
    • When a product is displayed in Product View and removed from the shopping cart, Product View is now detecting that and closing itself
    • Do not send invoiceNo with unconfirmed sales documents (caused duplicate invoices)
    • Added VOID functionality for stalled requests POS now generated ref number for sale and refund transactions When timout is exceeded (timeout is configured in the ms config.json file), ms returns response with 504 http status POS checks for it and sends a VOID request with ref number from the last transaction
    • Rows imported from existing documents (f.ex. pending sale) should not lock row totals
    • Fixed matrix selection menu that was preventing 2D products from being added.
    • Order gets changed to invoice if overpaid and setting "disable new order to cash invoice when 100% paid" is enabled.
    • Junction is now checking if the payment amount is negative before issuing a refund


    • Updated products that waive admission fee to be configured with the code, not with the product name.

    Plugin fixes

    • Invoice Number generation P** plugin no longer sets custom number to sale created via "save sale", it sets it only after picking up the pending sale.
    • cayanCustomerDisplay: Correctly find running microservice even if multiple versions are installed


    • Search within return and recent sales menu no longer filters out dashes from invoice number and searches the invoice by both custom number and ordinary number.
    • Setting for making auth code required on external payment integration
    • Setting for fetching offers only from current location.
    • German receipt translations added
    • Printing translations fallbacks no longer depend on the file entirely, rather takes missing keys from other files that have the keys translated
    • Prompt user with confirmation when removing last product from cart on picked up sale/order/layaway/etc


    • Removed a ton of unnecessary translations for "eng-AU" (those are covered by falling back to "eng"


    • Added finnish printing translation
    • Added keys for default "Total discount" keys to all printing trans files
    • Show "Tax" instead of "VAT" on US and CA receipts
    • Auto printing of kitchen/bar receipts can now be toggled ON/OFF