Promotions Module (NEW)

October 21, 2021

How to setup promotions 

  1. Login to Back Office App
  2. Go to RETAIL CHAIN | Sales Promotion (New)
  1. Under Sales Promotions
  • Create New Promotion -  this will allow you to set up a new promotion
  1. Overview
    1. Promotion Name - type the name of the promotion (ex. Mother’s Day Special or Black Friday)
    2. Start Date / Start Time - set the date and time when the promotion will start
    3. End Date / End Time - set the date and time when the promotion will end
    4. Promotional Type - select the type of promotion
    5. Reason Code - select the reason code of the promotion you have created
      1. You can create NEW reason code (if needed)
        1. In your Back Office App
        2. Go to Settings | All Settings
        3. In your left side panel, navigate to select REASON CODES
        4. Under Reason Codes , Click New (if you want to create new reason codes)
          1. Name ENG - ex. BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT
          2. Type - ex. Aging Stocks
          3. WHAT PURPOSE CAN THIS REASON CODE BE USED FOR - ex. Inventory write off
          4. Make sure to Click SAVE
  2. Active - if you set this status to active , the promotion will be applicable to all transactions and is active for the duration of the promotion.
  3. Choose Type
    1. Select the type of promotion that you want to create based on the list supported for discount.
  4. Set Rules
    1. The rules will depend on the type of promotion you have selected 
    2. This is the condition when the discount will be applied. 
  5. Restrict
    1. You can set the restriction when the discount can be applied. 
      1. Stores and Customer Groups
        1. Can be applied on a specific store or customer groups
      2. One time promotions

Promotion Tiers

  1. Promotions can now be grouped into "promotion tiers". Organizing promotions into tiers will affect the order in which promotions are applied. 
  2. The new order is as follows:  
  • Promotions are applied by tier. (Promotions with no tier are applied first.)
  • Within each tier, promotions are applied by type. 
  • Within each type, promotions are applied from oldest to newest.  

Why Promotion Order Might Matter

  • At most one item-level discount can apply to one item. (An "item-level discount" is, for example, "25% off this particular product or product group"). If two promotions offer competing discounts for the same items, only the first one will actually apply.
  • Some promotions may have restrictions such as, "Do not apply this discount to items that are already discounted". It might be useful to ensure that such a promotion is always the last one to apply.