POS Brazil Version 4.16.0

February 9, 2022


  • Ask user for a cash in/out reason code if there are any reason codes with particular type in BO
  • Printing for wrapper printers which require prerendering (TSP-100 series)
  • Fixed issue with NetsCloud exchanges returning money to customer even when the final balance is positive number(the customer has to be charged)
  • Fixed rounding issue with NetsCloud - due to javascript number limitations, sometimes amount to be paid would exceed 2 decimal points which was throwing error from NetsCloud API
  • Rounding issues while using multi currency fixed
  • NetsCloud Configuration could not be tested with test account that does not have preexisting configuration. To test the configuration one has change the environment from production to develop (to use test account). The change only applies when the configuration is saved, but to save it, one has to be logged it. That leads to a looping dependencies. The fix now changes the endpoint for login request accordingly, when the field is changed, allowing the user to login and later on save the configuration as well.-
  • Fixed issue with Custom payments amount not changing when the UI numpad is usedTechnical
  • Round util function fix (applies specified decimals)
  • Fixed currency multiplier in getPaymentSum selector. It was NaN when payment had no currencyRate
  • Prevent bootstrap from fixing the page size
  • (fix) Logout on inactivity works again
  • Matrix selection menu refactored - now works correctly with the setting to only allow variations that are in stock
  • ProductOrderEdit inputs now allow cursor key navigation again
  • ProductOrderEdit inputs no longer automatically bend to maxDiscount - instead exceeding maxDiscount will cause a manager override when the user tries to save
  • When a product is displayed in Product View and removed from the shopping cart, Product View is now detecting that and closing itself
  • Do not send invoiceNo with unconfirmed sales documents (caused duplicate invoices)
  • OpenPayment now correctly waits for both customer and shoppingcart to recalculate before opening
  • Last receipt/gift receipt buttons work again
  • Pending sales will be saved correctly in BO (previously status would remain as in preparation)


  • Updated products that waive admission fee to be configured with the code, not with the product name.
  • New plugin: Vx customizations - modifies the customer edit form

Plugin fixes

  • Invoice Number generation P** plugin no longer sets custom number to sale created via "save sale", it sets it only after picking up the pending sale.
  • cayanCustomerDisplay: Correctly find running microservice even if multiple versions are installed
  • cayanCustomerDisplay: Product sorting fixes
  • cayanCustomerDisplay: Differentiate between EndOrder and CancelOrder
  • cayanCustomerDisplay: Fix infinite install loop
  • customProductCard: fixed issue with an incomplete context provided
  • When retrieving a pending sales, the admission tax on it is kept


  • Setting for making auth code required on external payment integration
  • Setting for fetching offers only from current location.
  • Extdev ID card reader
  • Search within return and recent sales menu no longer filters out dashes from invoice number and searches the invoice by both custom number and ordinary number.
  • Setting for making auth code required on external payment integration
  • Setting for fetching offers only from current location.
  • German receipt translations added
  • Printing translations fallbacks no longer depend on the file entirely, rather takes missing keys from other files that have the keys translated
  • Prompt user with confirmation when removing last product from cart on picked up sale/order/layaway/etc
  • Pass down current sales doc when saving as order (both mobile and core pos)


  • Refactored pipelines: merge requests now check that changelogs files are correctly updated
  • Removed a ton of unnecessary translations for "eng-AU" (those are covered by falling back to "eng"
  • When printing images, await until the data finishes fetching, then print
  • When using browser printing, create a app wide div that gets filled with the printout.
  • Extra printing preview removed
  • Do not read SSLEnable from conflicts, assume installer and microservices always use SSL


  • Added finnish printing translation
  • Added keys for default "Total discount" keys to all printing trans files
  • Show "Tax" instead of "VAT" on US and CA receipts
  • Auto printing of kitchen/bar receipts can now be toggled ON/OFF
  • Default schema changed to support documentName from ARdataset. documentName = document type + document no
  • Added functionality to select what receipts to be printed (customer, merchant) in swedbank integration.
  • All the spaces within prices removed (can also be done using regex (/\s+/g, ''))