Why are my products reserved?

February 9, 2022

You can see that you have products in Lay-by? Here are the documents that keep products reserved.


When creating an order there’s a Lay-by option that you can tick for products to be reserved for your customer. That is enabled on all orders by default, but it can be unticked manually or also configured to not be on when creating a new order. 

You can take off the automatic Lay-by option from orders when going Settings - Configurations - Invoices and sales - New sales order does not reserve goods by default

Prepayment Invoice

The same way as the order Prepayment invoice gives the option to keep the products in Lay-by by marking it on the invoice. As Prepayment Invoice doesn’t send stock out of your warehouse yet, you have the option to reserve it for a customer. The Lay-by on Prepayment Invoice is not on by default.


Quote also has an option on the document to mark the products reserved. That is not enabled by default though as on an order, but can be put on manually when creating a quote. 


As the document name says, Lay-by document also keeps the products reserved for the customer. That document can be created manually, but it is also created when using Assignments. When you add products to an assignment it automatically creates a Lay-by document of it and reserves the stock for the customer.

How can I see with what document my stock is reserved?

You can see the documents that are keeping your product in lay-by from the product Warehouse report. When you open the product card and click on Inventory you can see the Warehouse Report button. 

In the report you can see under Reservations and lay-bys the documents that are keeping the product reserved. You can open the document from there by clicking on document nr. and if needed take off the Lay-by tick and save. Then the product is released from Lay-by.