Classic Back Office Version 4.38.3

October 14, 2021

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February 19, 2021


  1. Czech translation has been added.
  2. Invoice numbers with 11+ digits are now supported on all accounts, and no longer require a configuration parameter.
  3. Enabling or disabling promotions with a check box is now supported on all accounts. Formerly, the feature only existed in the new promotion module, or required activating an extra module.
  4. Location's ID and product's status have been added to the report generator.
  5. When creating an invoice from a sales order, or copying a sales document, check box "Print discounts on invoice" will now be copied, too.
  6. Both Inventory Transfer Orders and Inventory Transfers now have the same form identifier (prodmove), like it was before 4.38. This increases compatibility with plugins.


  1. Fixed: "CRM Report" and "Account Movements Report" displayed an error on accounts with large customer lists.
  2. Fixed: Back office now allows multiple invoices to be associated with one assigment. (This may be necessary when using partial fulfilments and automatic order splitting.)
  3. Fixed: when an Inventory Transfer Order was opened in a pop-up, there was no "Create Transfer" button on the form.