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    24 Aug, 2021
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    API Version 1.65.0

    May 4, 2021

    New Features

    1. Field "deliveryAddressID" has been added to API calls savePurchaseDocument, getPurchaseDocuments, saveInventoryTransfer and getInventoryTransfers.

      Locations can have multiple delivery addresses. Use this field to indicate the appropriate delivery address for a purchase invoice, a purchase order, an inventory transfer or an inventory transfer order.

      Use Account Admin API to define delivery addresses for locations.
    2. In API call saveAddress, input parameter "ownerID" is no longer required.
    3. API calls saveCampaignWarehouse and removeCampaignWarehouse now support user group permission "Activate promotions for locations". This is a limited permission that can be granted to users who are not supposed to edit promotions, but should still be able to turn promotions on or off for stores.

      Additionally, in a franchise with a shared list of stores, these API calls will only output and let the user add & remove stores belonging to their own account.
    4. Field "rightActivatePromotionsForLocations" has been added to API call getUserRights.